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Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to tour Necker Island owned by Sir Richard Branson himself!   Gumption has exclusive rights to bring tours onto the island to visit the lemurs, large tortoises, and much more of nature's gems.   Tour groups may be picked up from various North Sound (Gorda Sound) locations such as Gun Creek, Bitter End Yacht Club, Leverick Bay, Fat Virgin, and Saba Rock.  And he can also pick you up from your boat moored or anchored within North Sound!   


Because this is a tour of a private island, Gumption will only know the available dates for the current month.   Availability for future months is not guaranteed, so please return to this site within your desired month to see if dates are open.   A maximum of 12 guests will be permitted to visit the island on any given day.   And all guests must follow strict guidelines while visiting the island.   


Because this is an exclusive opportunity granted with permission by Sir Richard Branson, any tour could be the last one!  


A minimum of six hours should be set aside for the Necker Island Nature Tour.   Please note that this tour will include considerable hiking and other physical activity.  If you have time remaining at the end of the visit to Necker Island, Gumption will also take you on a short glass bottom reef tour and provide refreshments to end a great day together!  


Tour Prices


$200.00 flat fee, in addition to: 


$80.00 per adult

$40.00 per child between ages 5-12


Important Notices


Cash payments are required for all Nature and Reef Tours.


All guests must abide by the Virgin Limited Edition Social Medial Policy.  


Sea It Clear Tours has the exclusive privilege of hosting tours on Necker Island, but please remember this is a private island.   Therefore, tours may be cancelled up until the last minute in the event the island becomes closed as they welcome special guests.    Additionally tours may be cancelled if there are mechanical problems or inclement weather conditions.

Gumption's Nature Tours

Reservation requests are only accepted for the dates listed below.   Please do not submit other date requests, as Gumption is unable to accommodate these requests.    Due to the fact Necker Island is a private island and Gumption has been given exclusive privilege to bring guests, the availability of the island is not guaranteed more than 30 days out and is based on the Branson family's schedule.   Thank you for your consideration, and we hope you can join Gumption during one of the dates listed below!

Available Tour Dates

February 8, 10, 19, 22nd

Click here to visit the online registration system to see availability, sign-up, and pay. 
Download, print, and sign the Virgin Limited Edition Social Media Policy by Clicking Here
Download, print, and sign the Lemur Visit Release of Liability by Clicking Here
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