Gumption's Nature Tours Are Back!

Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to tour Necker Island owned by Sir Richard Branson himself!   Gumption has exclusive rights to bring tours onto the island to visit the lemurs, large tortoises, and much more of nature's gems.   


Tours can be booked as usual from our website below using the 1-2-3 steps. Safety is our number one goal for each and every one of us and whilst Necker Island is being restored there are a few things to bear in mind: No FLIP FLOPS will be allowed on our tours and proper walking shoes or sneakers are a requirement. Not having the required shoes will cause you not to join the tour. 

Several of the species you'll see on Necker include Rock Iguanas, giant tortoises, flamingos, lemurs, scarlet Ibis, cockatoos, and others.  A member of the Necker animal team may also guide us on the tour as well to provide us with knowledge about the island.

Please note the dates on our website are subject to change. Tours will be from 10am-12:30 pm or 1:00 - 3:30pm, and we ask for a minimum of 6 persons and a maximum of 12 for all tours. If under 6 persons, please note you’ll be charged for 4 adults at full cost and 2 children at full cost.  

Necker Island is a private island and so photography is to be kept at a minimum and there is to be no filming without prior approval. If you are unsure please speak to Gumption before your visit or the team on Island during your tour.

Feel free to message us with any questions.  Once agreed with everything let us get you signed up for a magical experience.  

Thank you, 


Team Gumption 


Tours are available almost any day of the week

depending on island availability. 

10:00 am - 12:30 pm or

1:00 - 3:30 pm 

Tour Prices

$115.00 per adult

$90 for adults over 65


$75.00 per child between ages 5-12

Full payment by credit card is due at the time of reservation.  Gumption will follow up with you to collect credit card information and provide more instruction. 

COVID-19 Updates: 

As of now, Necker Island requires the following rules to be met for all tours: 

  • Unvaccinated guests will not be allowed on Necker until further notice (partially vaccinated guests will be accepted)

  • A list of names of everyone visiting will be required for each trip

  • Copy of Vaccination cards for each guest coming to Necker will be required. 

  • Guest will be required to wear masks during the entire visit and this will be enforced. Guests without masks will not be allowed on the premises.  

  • There will be a cross-check at the dock to make sure we have all vaccination hard copies for each guest.  

  • Temperature readings to be maintained as usual. 

  • Please notify Gumption in advance if you would like to visit the island gift shop.  

Transportation Options: 

Guests may arrive at Necker Island by boat on their own and connect to one of the mooring balls.  Or you may hire Gumption to pick you up anywhere in North Sound and shuttle you to the island.  A shuttle fee of $25 per person (cash only) will be collected by Gumption.   Please confirm the pickup location with Gumption by email the evening before your tour.  Gumption's boat shuttle holds a maximum of 6 passengers.  


Due to the fact Necker Island is a private island and Gumption has been given exclusive privilege to bring guests, the availability of the island is not guaranteed more than 30 days out and is based on the Branson family's schedule.   Thank you for your consideration, and we hope you can join Gumption on this amazing experience!

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