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VLE Social Media Policy


What’s the Problem? 


We live in a world where technology has changed the way people communicate, the way they are informed and how they do business.  Traditional social networks have expanded from a few dozen acquaintances to hundreds of friends, friends of friends, connections and followers - and the media.   There’s no such thing as privacy on these sites and even those of us who believe that our settings prevent our sites being in the public domain are often surprised by just how accessible they are. 


In Virgin Limited Edition we have an additional because of our accessibility, relationship and privilege of dealing with people and situations that we would never have access to except by virtue of the Resort environment.   That makes it the company’s problem: the risk to VLE’s reputation, our business and the livelihood of our team members as well as the privacy of our guests and clients.  


So what’s the remedy? 


We need individuals who to understand the risks and their responsibilities that go with their accessibility to situations that are sensitive while visiting the island. 


It is therefore a condition of your visit to Necker Island that you: 


Use personal social media responsibly and do not refer to the property in any way that could be embarrassing or detrimental to the company or its business. 

Ensure guests, customers or members of the Branson family are not listed as “friends” without their express permission.  Neither may photos of them be posted without their permission.   

Ask your tour leader or a member of the Executive team if you are unsure about what you can or cannot post regarding your trip to Necker Island. 


How will the company deal with this? 


Whilst we recognise the rights of individuals we will monitor the contents of our IT resources and communications systems and check information that is in the public domain and you may be requested to remove any data or photos that breach any of our policies.   


Be very aware that any statements or material on these sites are in the public domain so if we feel they bring Necker Island into disrepute or they are inappropriate, negative or offensive to the company, its clients or its team members, this may lead to legal action.  

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